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“Is it by force?” Fans react after Karen Nyamu posts new photo with baby daddy, Sammidoh

April 01, 2021 at 08:52
“Is it by force?” Fans react after Karen Nyamu posts new photo with baby daddy, Sammidoh

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Karen Nyamu is not the type of woman to walk out on! At least she has proven to be a fighter when it comes to her relationship with baby daddy Samidoh; but the sad part is that he seems to prefer his first wife to Ms Nyamu.

Of course choosing between Karen and Edday must have been a tough choice for him – since he already has a son with Ms Nyamu; but for the sake of his career and society – lets just say Sammidoh did what he had to do.

Anyway, it has now been weeks since we heard from the two; but as usual Karen Nyamu is always ready to entertain her loyal crowd on IG. As seen on a new post shared by Karen – we can tell you for free that this lass is up to something; if not to annoy first wife, Edday.

Photo with DP and Sammidoh

Well despite having been dumped by Sammidoh via social media – Karen Nyamu continue insist that ‘this’ is not over. I mean, why give up when he still appears to be such a good father?

As seen in the recent photo Ms Nyamu is seen in the company of DP Ruto and her baby daddy who she refers to as Baba SM jr. To caption this post the lady wrote:

Throw back Thursday with baba SM jr and hustler 1 DP William S Ruto. The hustler narrative proposes a bottom up approach which starts from the realities on the ground to design solutions adapted to needs, from the most local to the most global. And not the other way around.. Ps I was very preggers here. Nakaa kangurue ka cute😂

Fans on the other hand were quick to jump in by writing;


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