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Issa trap! Vera Sidika throwing shade at her Tanzanian ex boyfriend

March 24, 2020 at 14:46
Issa trap! Vera Sidika throwing shade at her Tanzanian ex boyfriend

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Vera Sidika recently revealed that she is no longer with Jimmy Chansa!

This is because she is not ready to let any man walk over her when she is capable of taking care of herself!

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The socialite cum business lady revealed this through a comment where she portrayed Dr Jimmy Chansa as a toxic and controlling man! She went on to hint that he may have not been contented with one woman; which led to their break up.

The break up

So far the two don’t see eye to eye as Vera quickly jetted off to the states where she spent her holiday time with her friends from abroad.

Jimmy Chansa on the other hand kept a low profile before pulling down all their romantic photos from his Instagram page.

Although the Doctor has said nothing about their break up – it’s evident that hurting Vera may have not been his intention since he will now have to face the online bulling from fans.

Vera Shades Jimmy Chansa

Anyway, Vera Sidika is believed to be throwing shade at Jimmy Chansa thanks to a comment she recently left on Akothee’s post!

On the post Akothee revealed that she was ready to get back with her ex – now that she is stuck in quarantine with nothing else to do!

However despite wanting to dump her ex a while back; Akothee said that she made a mistake and now wants her ex back!

Vera Sidika who was among the fans on the comment section, she went on to tell Akothee not to go back to the ex since it was a trap!

Although she later deleted the comment, we managed to get a screenshot showing what Vera wrote;

Vee’s comment

Well, I guess Vera Sidika is out enjoying the single life now!

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  1. hiyo ni shida ya vera sidika

  2. Issa trap! Vera Sidika throwing shade at her Tanzanian ex boyfriend - Kenyan Digest : March 25, 2020 at 12:01 am

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