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It can be depressing and stressing to introduce a step-parent to a child – Vivian and Sam West open up

February 03, 2020 at 12:43
It can be depressing and stressing to introduce a step-parent to a child - Vivian and Sam West open up

Kenyan songbird, Vivian and her fiancé, Sam West have opened up that raising children from previous relationships is not a walk in the park.

The lovebirds who spoke with Dr Kingori on his NTV show, are both parents from their previous relationships.

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Coming together therefore meant that they have to accommodate each other´s child, and be patient with them because this would greatly influence their lives.

Sam West stated that introducing another person in a family set-up can be depressing and stressing to the child because of the dramatic shift and new reality.

The comedian shared:

You´ve gotten into a new relationship; you´ve met a new person sasa you have to tell your kid this is your new step mum. Of course, it´s depressing to the child actually it´s very depressing because now you have to allow the child to mourn the death of the previous relationship and now you´re introducing the child to a new relationship.

Further adding:

Maybe huyo mtoto alikuwa first born in the old relationship na sasa ankua second or last born in this new relationship. It can be confusing.

For Vivian, introducing a new man to her 10-year old daughter needed time and dedication. The sultry singer added that she could only introduce a man she was sure was the one.

Finally, their worlds merged as well as that of their kids, having to treat them equally but with unconditional love.

The ´Marshati´ singer advised women to see pregnancy as a deviation and not a punishment, since one can still pursue their goals and careers.

In as much as we need to talk about waiting to be in a relationship in order to start getting children, it is important to understand that once you get a child, it is important to deal with it.

Sam West closed off:

It´s about the relationship with your partner. When you´re coming together, you were not in love with the kids, you were in love with your partner. Ukimpenda unabeba kila kitu amekuja nayo. Ni kama ng´ombe ukikula unakula mpaka mkia. You have to make sure the relationship between your wife and yourself is intact.

Sam West has a six-year old son and Vivian has a 10-year old daughter.




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