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“It is battle time!” Size 8 declares war following husband’s multiple infidelity claims

October 08, 2020 at 09:56
“It is battle time!” Size 8 declares war following husband’s multiple infidelity claims

Size 8 reborn has for the first time responded to controversies surrounding her marriage with DJ Mo.

The mother of two came out to admit she was hurting following claims backed with evidence that her saved husband, had been having sexual affairs outside their marriage, unknown to her.

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“I’ve been angry and sad handling things physically but that stage is over,” painfully penned the gospel artist and minister.

Size 8 reborn

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War time?

Quoting the Bible, she declared that it was not in her place to fight the human battles before her, but the evil spirits that had taken over her marriage.

Because it was not in human power to cheat in this manner, but that an evil force was behind it.

Mother of two, Size 8

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Blaming her husband’s infidelity on the devil, while sparing the curvy lass who came out to claim she had been bedding DJ Mo for over 6 years now.

Announcing she is going on a 3-day fast, to ask God for peace and restoration of her marriage and family, openly declaring: “It is time to put the full armor of God. It is battle time on my knees!”

Urging all married couples, facing hard times and fighting battles that are beyond human understanding, to call on God to fix their relationships and allow him to defend their homes.

DJ Mo and Size 8

“Marriage is a very great covenant! A covenant created by God. Let the marriage prayer movement begin!” she declared.

Well, looks like the singer, mother and wife has just had enough of the scandals.





  1. Amen to that, it’s never helpful to respond physically to such trying predicaments but in prayer and on our knees is the battle& war won..may God guide you size 8 and give you healing for the pain you’ve felt n still will continue to face for the foreeable future

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