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“It’s a personal vendetta” Fred Omondi speaks of the lady who exposed him

January 17, 2018 at 08:29
"It's a personal vendetta" Fred Omondi speaks of the lady who exposed him

Fred Omondi has stepped forth to shed light on the incident at Blend Lounge on Sunday evening. The comedian says the lady who exposed him is out to ruin the reputation of the Omondis.

Fred was exposed by Blend Lounge’s waitress as a bill defaulter. The lady by the name Mary Sorty said the comedian failed to pay Kes 5850 forcing her to pay the bill from her salary.

Mary Sorty

The comedian says the bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label was to be paid for by the party host. He expressed shock with Mary Sorty’s statement on social media.

“I am shocked by the statement she (Mary) has made on Facebook. The pictures she has posted online were taken when she had requested for selfies with me,” said Fred Omondi.

Out to seek publicity

Fred Omondi further accused the waitress waging a personal vendetta against the Omondis. He says Mary Sorty even dragged Eric Omondi’s name to some controversy to gain publicity.

Mary Sorty and Eric Omondi

“I think this lady, Mary, is out to seek publicity. There was a time she’d dragged my brother Eric Omondi’s name to some controversy. There’s even an online user, who observed that she is out for the Omondi brothers. Mary ako na u-star mob. I have already spoken to Blend owner and he said he will settle the matter,” said Fred Omondi.








  1. Mukikunywa lipeni scheme aibu za mabanglashamashaya

  2. Jennifer Njeri : January 17, 2018 at 11:02 am

    This is the new breed of ladies,guys be careful

  3. This is bad,what is she upto with all this publicity

  4. Hehehe pole sana bro,ni kama ulimkula alafu ukamtoka,this is personal

  5. Lol,lipa bill tu

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