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“It’s now Mrs Prezzo” Amber Lulu takes things to the next level

January 15, 2018 at 10:16
"It's now Mrs Prezzo" Amber Lulu takes things to the next level

If you thought Amber Lulu was going to be Prezzo’s girlfriend for a long time you are wrong. The video vixen has already laid groundwork to be Prezzo’s wife.

Amber Lulu seems to be in a hurry to become Prezzo’s wife. The two lovebirds only started dating sometimes in September 2017.

Amber Lulu is already referring herself as ‘Mrs Prezzo’. The video vixen says she now calls herself Mrs Prezzo because she is confident the Kenyan rapper is her prince charming.

“Nimejiamini kabisa wala sina hofu na kujipachika jina hilo kwa sababu najua yule ni wangu tu,” Amber Lulu asserted.

Amber Lulu

He give me peace and happiness

Amber Lulu revealed how much she loves Prezzo in the birthday message she sent the rapper. She referred Prezzo as her husband and said she he gives him peace and happiness that she didn’t have before.

“Happy birthday ???? my lov baba yangu kipenzi changu nakupenda sana mume wangu @prezzo254 Asante kwa kunifanya niwe Na amani Na furaha ambayo sijawah pata kokote cjutii kukutAna na ww happy birthday lov,” wrote Amber Lulu.

Prezzo and Amber Lulu







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  2. This is just hype nothing serious

  3. Who take Prezzo serious though?

  4. Nice story. Love in the air

  5. incredible nice short its just a tragedy

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