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It’s Over! Juma Jux ex girlfriend confirms break up

January 29, 2020 at 10:15
It’s Over! Juma Jux ex girlfriend confirms break up

Juma Jux and Nnayika are over and there is no turning back!

Juma Jux confirms his love spark with Asian lass is still burning hot

The Asian lady confirmed the break up through her Instagram stories where she responded back to a fan who asked whether she was still with Juma Jux.

Juma’s ex

Nnayika however went on to confirm that her relationship with Juma Jux was over. This comes just a few day’s after Huddah and Juma Jux were said to be in Zanzibar together.

Huddah confirms rumors

At first Huddah was careful not to mention anything about her trip to Zanzibar; but after fans put her and Jux together, she then started proving that the rumors were indeed true.


It is not clear whether her trip to Zanzibar was for business or pleasure but word has it that she has always had a huge crush or Juma; but is he willing to take her as a girlfriend?




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