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“It’s so unfortunate to work very hard to come and date a broke woman,” Jalang’o speaks up

November 20, 2020 at 09:19
“It’s so unfortunate to work very hard to come and date a broke woman,” Jalang’o speaks up

The debate about dating a broke man or woman is one that keeps taking an interesting turn every time the subject comes up.

This time round, Jalang’o gave his two cents after his co-host Kamene Goro mentioned how ladies go for rich men, not the broke ones and why.

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The heated debate

According to Jalas, Kamene stands out from majority of the ladies he has come across, because her expectations of marriage are at a different level.

“Out there, one of the standard working procedures, if you ask most single chicks what they look for in a man; he has to be financially stable, he has to have money,” Kamene Goro started off the discussion.

Kenyan fine babe Kamene Goro

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Then a greatly disappointed Jalas jumps in to question how he will work hard to get money, just to date a broke woman. It does not add up.

“It’s so unfortunate that you work very hard, to come and date a broke woman,” Jalang’o posed.

Going further to clarify that if indeed a woman is in dire need of money in a relationship, then she better comes in with her share as well.

Kiss FM presenter, Jalang´o

According to him, it just does not make sense for one to come in empty-handed into a relationship and expect a bountiful harvest.

“You have no vision, no plan, nothing. All you want to do is squander someone else’s money,” he bitterly remarks.

But as Kamene tried to question what men then look for in women, Jalang’o insisted that men with money will also look for women in money.

“Nobody wants to date a broke woman,” Jalang’o clarifies.

Kamene Goro and Jalang’o

He would however think twice if there is growth and positivity a broke woman is bringing into the relationship. But for a woman who cannot even take care of small issues and herself, then he is out.

“Can you challenge me with better things? You’re beautiful, you’re single, but you are a tax collector” he publicly wrapped up.


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