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“It’s time to hit the gym my dear” Fan begs Victoria Kimani but gets unexpected response

November 27, 2018 at 09:39
"It's time to hit the gym my dear" Fan begs Victoria Kimani but gets unexpected response

While Kenyans were recently impressed after State House spokesperson and former Citizen TV anchor Kanze Dena stepped out looking thicker after adding a few Kgs, that might not be the case for Victoria Kimani.

We can all agree the singer has added just a few Kgs. A few Kenyans have noted while others haven’t. The reaction hasn’t been immense like Kanze Dena’s.

Gym time

However, one fan who noted this suggested that the singer should hit the gym because she has grown fat.

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“Beautiful but umenona. Time to hit the gym my dear,” said the fan in the comment section after Victoria Kimani posted a video captioned “I know I’m great AF..I don’t need awards to confirm these.”

The singer wasn’t impressed with the post and a short but ruthless clap back.

“Lol. Kiss my ass.” she told the fan. 




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  1. Enyewe kila mtu aishi maisha yake

  2. Victoria Kimani can be a savage sometimes

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