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My Girlfriend Used To Have Issues When I Kissed Girls During Acting- Nick Mutuma

February 17, 2021 at 08:37
My Girlfriend Used To Have Issues When I Kissed Girls During Acting- Nick Mutuma

Popular Kenyan actor, producer, director and TV Host Nicholas Mutuma, is one of the best in what he does. The 32 year old celebrity is ranked among the sexiest male actors in the country. He has been in the movie industry for over 10 years and his immense talent seems to be unstoppable. Ironically, with such a huge talent, not everyone likes Mutuma.

In an interview on Radio Jambo, Nick reveals that her girlfriend Shigadi previously had issues with him doing some explicit roles on TV.

”It’s funny because mimi kama mwanaume acting those roles, ilikuwa sawa. Lakini now imagining my partner anafanya the same thing, kuna hio double standard.”

In the same interview, Nick reveals that he has been trolled on social media a couple of times.

” Career yangu yote nimekuwa trolled for very many years. I don’t even want to touch on those things. But hii social media iko na uzuri wake na iko na ubaya wake…

It’s a very horrible thing but mi huiangalia kama part of being in this industry. Hii industry yetu yaani, kuna vitu zingine huezi escape. Industry yetu ni kama siasa. You just have to be strong and unasonga mbele.”

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Like most celebrities, Mutuma decides to assume most of his Dm’s. Mutuma is also a dad. He currently has a kid with Bridget Shighadi. The actor’s first big break on Kenyan television came in 2008 when he was cast as “Luka”, a young naïve college student living in poverty, who gets involved with a sugar mummy.

He has also featured in the current film dubbed ‘Disconnect’ on Netflix. With his talent, Nick is definitely heading to Hollywood. All the best to him.

Below is the video of his interview;




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