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Jalang’o and singer Avril’s romantic affair exposed! (Photos)

July 24, 2020 at 12:42
Jalang’o and singer Avril's romantic affair exposed! (Photos)

Being a flash back Friday Ghafla is honored to share a few stories from back in the day; and today we focus on Avril and Jalango who dated back in 2012!

Well, not so many know that singer Avril was once head over heels with Jalango who at the time had started his radio journey!

According to SDE’s Pulse magazine, back in 2012 Jalang’o and Avril kept their relationship a secret for a while before the pair showed up looking all lovey dovey during one of ‘Pulse-Ogopa crew’ getaway weekends, which went down at the Naivasha Lake Crayfish Camp.

Flashback Friday! Back when Avril and Jalango were an item

The two are said to have been drowning in each other’s love; and the fact that Avril did not want anyone near her man confirms that Jalang’os knows how to treat his women right!

Short lived relationship

Their affair however did not last for long enough to make headlines – but thanks to throwbacks and flash back Fridays; we can now rerun the stories which remind us of how far some of these celebrities have come.

SDE’s Pulse Magazine

Apart from Avril, the other known lady to have dated Jalang’o is his ex wife and now his current wife, Amina Chao. Well, the list could get longer thanks to Obare’s ‘boys club’ exposè that almost left the radio presenter wife-less!

Looking at Avril’s list, let’s say she had a field day with her dating life; and I bet she has no regrets to this!

Anyway like they say, Nairobi is one big bedroom but truth is; this every town has it’s story!

Jalang’o and Avril back in the day





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