Jalang’o angers many following his post that Ivy Wangechi died for not turning down money and gifts from her killer 

April 12, 2019 at 08:24
Jalang'o angers many following his post that Ivy Wangechi died for not turning down money and gifts from her killer 

Radio presenter Jalang’o was corned recently by his fans and feminists following his post on Instagram that stated women should also say no to men’s gifts and money when they decide to reject them.

According to the witty comedian and radio personality, women who accept the incentives from men risk serious harm should they turn down advances and proposals from the same people. He wanted them to know that there’s nothing for free.

“I think it’s time we became honest with each other. Too many young beautiful girls are dying some of the most saddest deaths you can’t wish for someone’s daughter! It is time we discussed this issue! Rule one! No man gives any woman anything for free! Yes I said it ! Men can we tell them this!” he said in the post that angered many. 

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@jalangoo claims women should not take money from men if they do not know what they want in return.

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The comedian then went ahead to say that women end up suffering because of this and therefore should restrain from taking gifts.

“Even your dad takes you to school so that at old age and when he can’t provide for himself he will depend on you! So my sister before you take any money from any man just ask them what they want in return and if you can’t offer what they want return it! Simple, do not promise what you can not deliver. People work so hard for their money my sister! Do not exchange lies for a man hard earned money! My sister,” he said. 

The post angered many who rushed to the comment section to bash him for his views saying that he’s promoting boy child to be violent.

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@adelleonyango bashes @jalangoo for attacking women.

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  1. Women love playing dumb once they get what they want frpm someone,they magically forget what she promised to do for you once they are done getting what they wanted.Many guys have experienced this since puberty,and that’s why the men who are awake to the game know that you follow a woman’s actions not her words.Before you do anything for her,let her first do what she’s promising.

  2. I totally agree with jalas, why then take men’s maney then try to run away. WOMEN, LADIES, GIRLS, get up and make your own money !!!! Stop depending on Men period.

  3. Kemet you have a woke name whats your email?

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