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Jalang’o: Otile Brown is a very lucky man. Anakula pazuri

August 15, 2018 at 07:04
Jalang'o: Otile Brown is a very lucky man. Anakula pazuri

Comedian Jalang’o is settling down in his new home Milele FM where he’s now been reunited with his friend Alex Mwakidue.

The comedian during his show, spoke about Otile Brown and Vera Sidika’s love saying that the two are now a power couple.

Lucky man

Despite many thinking Otile is in a shaky relationship that might end up with tears any time after Vera dumps him, Jalang’o said that the singer is one lucky guy to have Vera.

“Nikiskia hii wimbo inaniambia jinsi mapenzi ni kitu mzito sana. Love is a very deep thing usichukulie mapenzi hivi hivi. Otile na Vera wameonyesha hivo jamani… Kwa wale wanoshangaa Otile ni nani? Otile ni mwanamziki ambaye amebobea sana na Vera ni mama yao!” said Jalas after playing their song Baby love.

He went on:

“Otile anakula pazuri , ushaiskia mahali pema peponi? Ndio hiyo sasa.” leaving that day’s guest Nairobi senator Sakaja and his co-host Mwakideu laughing out loud. 





  1. Lol, we all know he is laughing at him

  2. Hapo alipata trash but its his life

  3. I won’t comment on this

  4. Ati pazuri na vile imezungushwa dunia yote..phtooo!

  5. Haluwa haina makombo!

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