Jalang’o predicts 2019: Willy Paul will officially become a secular artist, China will takeover Mombasa Port 

January 02, 2019 at 10:55
Jalang'o predicts 2019: Willy Paul will officially become a secular artist, China will takeover Mombasa Port 

As we crawl through the first week of 2019, many people have been sharing their personal goals and are glowing with optimism.

Many are also trying to predict how the year will go. Comedian Jalang’o recently shared his prediction of how the year will fall in place and it’s a bit surprising.

According to the radio host, China, who recently said they are not after Mombasa Port despite Kenya’s mounting debt, will still takeover the port. He also believes Willy Paul will release a secular song( what has he been releasing?) in 2019.

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“Gospel Willy Paul will announce that he is finally a secular artiste because he has already shown signs with his latest music releases. Also, Masauti will become the biggest artiste in Kenya and this will happen by February. I won’t forget our brothers, China will take our Mombasa port because of our mounting debt.” said Jalang’o.

New songs

Comedian Chipukeezy also shared his view of 2019 saying that Huddah Monroe will hit the studio for a new jam.

“Socialite Huddah Monroe will release a song and call it ‘Nitaambia nini watu’, Miguna Miguna is expected to release a song called “I am back!”. I will bring Nick Minaj on a tour of Kenya to talk to the youths about drugs and Eric Omondi will be a news anchor.” he said. 




  1. This is more than funny.. You will never believe this,,, Mama Baha of Machachari posts almost nak3d photos while a white discharge is seen draining from her nunu… Must read: https://vosena.co.ke/machacharis-mama-baha-posts-photo-with-a-white-discharge-draining-from-her-nunu/

  2. Despite Kenya huge debts,Kenya will remained a welcoming ground for all races in the World.
    Referendum will be sealed
    Youths will continued to suffer

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