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Jalang’o spends thousands of cash on new gifts to his shamba boys! (Photos)

May 29, 2020 at 15:19
Jalang’o spends thousands of cash on new gifts to his shamba boys! (Photos)

A lot has been said about Jalang’os personal life. And if he committed a mistake then forgiveness is the only way out; since all humans below the sun are not perfect!

He has been criticized for cheating on his wife; but that is a topic I will not be getting into as the details remain private between him and his family.

However what I understand is that the Milele FM radio presenter is proving to be one of the best bosses ever witnessed on the face of the earth!

Unlike most bosses who would distance themselves from interacting with their gardeners, househelps or plumbers; Jalang’o dines with his two gardeners that are slowly becoming quit popular on his gram.

Jalang’o with his posh ride

Apart from story telling, these men have proven to be as funny as their boss – and seeing how he treats them continues to prove that Jalang’o has a golden heart; and there’s no argument about that.

New Gifts for Gardeners

In the latest post shared on his page, Jalang’o is seen gifting his favorite friends with brand new expensive clothes and shoes!

Jalang’o gifts his gardeners with new full outfits

This is the first time any media personality has pulled such a move with his home employees! Of course their are those viewing Jalango’s good deeds as a PR stunt; but truth is we can’t afford to hate this man!

With some ‘leave time’ on his hands the Milele FM presenter has gotten a chance to know these two men well; and surprisingly even bonded to a level of friendship!

Anyway below are just a few photos of the two men getting their gifts from Jalang’o; and although we can’t put a price tag on the clothes and shoes from Jalas; his actions and intentions are clearly those of a good person.

Jalang’os gardeners

Milele FM’s workers





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