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Jalang’o teams up with Mejja in groundbreaking movie-themed TV advert (Video)

September 16, 2020 at 14:50
Jalang’o teams up with Mejja in groundbreaking movie-themed TV advert (Video)

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It is one thing to see an ad and already imagine what comes next but it is totally different when it turns out contrary to your expectations.

Popularly known for his signature in comedy, Jalang’o would more often than not be mistaken for a guy who jokes too much and is never serious with life but when he actually means business, trust you me, he does.

MC Jalas aka Felix Odiwuor

Most captivating was a Peptang ad he did in collabo with Genge rapper Mejja that you might at first mistake for a movie trailer.

Almost exactly like most scenes especially in this Italian mafia movies complete with those intimidating bodyguards dressed in all-black sharp suits and a helicopter for the main act.

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The Big Boss, this time round a no-nonsense lady alights the helicopter to meet face-to-face with a straight-faced Jalang’o in what seemed like a power deal.

A bossy Jalas complete with his team of well-built bodyguards inspects the package which is but mangoes, bites a juicy one and immediately storms the place with one big laugh before signing the deal.

Then it’s Mejja’s turn and he grabs his popular tumbler, pours in some fruit juice and into his mouth, praising the brand for its original blends. Less of what the business was all about and more about the entire mood, all at a different level. Be the judge;

His fans flocked the comment section to laud the kid for a job exceptionally done beyond words.





Amazing stuff!🤣


Kali sana the advert imeweza

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