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Jalang’os baby mama sets the record straight about her relationship with the comedian

September 20, 2017 at 13:35
Jalang'os baby mama sets the record straight about her relationship with the comedian

Comedian cum media personality Jalang’o is among the renown entertainers we have in the country but unlike many, he likes to keep his private life off social media.

So far we know he has an adorable daughter with his ex Cheptoek Boyoare but we have never really understood the nature of their relationship. Many assume that the two are married while others see their relationship as the on and off type but this is not true.

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Jalang’o with his daughter

Just recently his baby mama Cheptoek Boyoare came out to reveal the nature of their relationship in a lengthy post shared on her gram. Judging from what she wrote, these two are just friends and ex lovers who are just coparenting since they have a child together. She wrote saying;

“An assumption is just that if there is no clarification made. That’s why I would like to address a few issues concerning my relationship with Phelix. As many may not know, we are no longer together as a couple. We broke up over two years ago and for the respect of his wife and family, I would like to set the record straight. Yes, I am single and he is happily married. We are still good friends and co-parenting has never been better.”

The lady is said to have addressed this issue through her social media to stop the many assumptions and rumors claiming that she is involved with the comedian who she also revealed is now married.






  1. The kid looks lovely

  2. Thanks for the update miss

  3. Siku hizi mababy mama ndio fashion

  4. I respect this lady alot

  5. Yaani jalas alipeana ball na hakuoa, its okay

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