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Jalango’s Twitter account hacked, offers 50K reward to get it back (Screenshots)

August 24, 2020 at 14:17
Jalango's Twitter account hacked, offers 50K reward to get it back (Screenshots)

Jalang’o has been missing on Twitter for several weeks now and it turns out his account got hacked long time ago.

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For those keen enough, you’ll notice, that unlike his Kiss 100 counterpart, Kamene or even other media personalities, Jalas never seems active on Twitter, only on Kiss 100 Kenya’s Twitter page. Many would ask why and probably it’s time we got an answer.

Jalang’o and Kamene Goro striking hot poses at Kiss 100 studios

Taking to his Instagram page, yesterday, the Kiss 100 presenter revealed that despite having a verified account, it has been hacked for quite a long time now, proving it difficult for him to get his hands on the malicious characters behind the move.


A keen glance at these two accounts screen grabs, you will realize there is no difference. Look at everything, from the username to the twitter handle, to the top image, it’s basically a replica. Yes, hackers are that smart and that’s why it gets hard to tell the difference unless you have been a victim or understand them better.

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Jalango’s twitter account hacked

The two accounts are actually different but one is the original one, the other is not. The fake account has been in good business since January 2020 while the actual account was sent to sleep, with the comedian divulging that the parody account has been duping netizens with all sorts of lucrative deals, in his name.

Mr Odiwuor cried out that he tried everything in his capacity to get hold of whoever is behind the malice but to no avail.

My account is verified! To date it’s still hacked ! I have done everything trying to recover it! I haven’t tweeted for long! This parody account is burning! Anachoma!! They have also started conning people too! Please avoid any tweet from this account!!

Jalang’o looking dapper as he beats the morning cold

Distancing himself from the account, a dear Jalang’o pleaded with fans to help him get his hands on the tweep who has been making a fool of him, urging netizens to stay woke about the unfortunate events. Promising a handsome offer to anyone who would see him succeed;

Guys please help me report this Tweeter account!! I also have 50k reward for anyone who will help me get my account back!




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