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Jamal Gaddafi comes clean on Natalie Tewa and Joho’s rumored love triangle (Video)

September 07, 2020 at 12:17
Jamal Gaddafi comes clean on Natalie Tewa and Joho's rumored love triangle (Video)

Jamal Gaddafi and Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho have been known to have close family ties and be best of friends, going to the extent of gracing private events together.

The KTN TV presenter highly respects and appreciates Joho’s presence in his life, terming him his ‘Godfather’, currently working in his team, therefore ever around each other more often than not.

Jamal Gaddafi with Ali Hassan Joho

With a Natalie Tewa and Hassan Joho love scandal that brought the Internet to a standstill, before it was declared a no-go zone, Jamal shed light on the same during his recent interview with a local blog.

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Jamal sheds light

At first, the dashing male presenter denied even knowing who Natalie is or if at all she has any links to Joho, for reasons of public content.

Rumored lovers, Hassan Joho and Natalie Tewa

First came in the question of whether Natalie was aboard the controversial plane to Dubai that hosted Junet Mohamed among others.

“I’ve only seen Natalie Tewa on blogs. But on that day for Dubai, I remember I was with the speaker for County Assembly of Mombasa, Junet was there, Joho and one of his PAs. I never saw any lady apart from the cabin crew,” he denied before clarifying.

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Jamal completely distanced himself from the claims and the speculated love affair between Mombasa Governor and the curvy vlogger.

His relationship with Tanasha

On a different note, the father of two beautiful daughters denied any entanglement with Diamond Platnumz Kenyan baby mama. Clarifying that he has only been part of her donation and music production team since her separation.

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Jamal Gaddafi and Tanasha

However, despite being her manager for the music production, Jamal admitted it has a bit taxing for him, hoping he can eventually switch back to working in her donation team where things are a bit easier.

I still want to focus on the community side. The music has a lot of pressure people don’t know. From shooting, funding, execution, promotion, it’s not a joke. I’m still gonna be one of the managers but I want to move back to donation.

Further revealing that his seemingly broken relationship with Ali Kiba has no ties to his relationship with Donna rather, that he has been away for a while.




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