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Janet Mbugua demands apology from local TV station for disparaging sexual harassment skit

July 10, 2019 at 09:39
Janet Mbugua demands apology from local TV station for disparaging sexual harassment skit

NTV show host, Janet Mbugua has asked that Ebru TV issues an apology for airing a derogatory video disguised as a skit.

Up on social media, the celebrated media personality was irate with the entire skit´s plot that seemingly glorified street harassment as a source for TV content.

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In the video, a male actor, supposedly one of Ebru´s own employees, makes aggressive approaches towards a couple of women in the streets before probing their life choices.

Some straight up ignore him and he decides to launch attacks on them faulting them for categorizing all men as uncaring.

According to the actor, women in reality give men their backs as a way of ignoring their advances and it is not that men are uncaring.

The station shares:

Some of ‘s show, , are sexual harassment by any definition.

Watch this interaction; observe how clearly uncomfortable the women are, how the rude male host still follows & tells some of them off & how he liberally touches them!! 😡

However, the message being communicated got widely shared with personalities and people of all status and gender attacking the local station.

Janet Mbugua expresses:

Wait how is this supposed to be funny? How can someone be normalizing street harassment in the form of this skit? When can we expect an apology from ??!! COME ON! WTH?

Further commenting:

This is street harassment. This is a violation. If someone doesn’t see that, they’re part of the problem. It’s wrong and this should be taken seriously.

Fans took up from where she left articulating:

I felt violated just watching it. Like, seriously!


This is so uncouth! Very disturbing indeed



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