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Janet Mbugua’s sister-in-law Momanyi was forced to quit social media following nasty accident 

June 12, 2019 at 09:03
Janet Mbugua’s sister-in-law Momanyi was forced to quit social media following nasty accident 

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Former TV news anchor Janet Mbugua last week made her routine announcement that she’s taking time off social media.

Mbugua usually does this several times a year and followers are already used to it.

Evaline Momanyi, Mbugua’s sister-in-law has also surprised many by sharing that she was forced into a social media break following an accident at home involving her kid.

“Mid last week, I got an accident in the house. I know when something happens to someone’s baby, guys are always like…how? I am so ‘routine and rule-based’ that when I got a call from work that Miss. K had got burnt with hot water… I was like…WHAT! Yes, this happened.🤦‍♀️😞” she explained. 

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Without sharing much about the accident, the mother of one asked other women to share their experiences and how they dealt with the whole situation.
“Will share my lessons….but the biggest i have learnt as a mum…Accidents happen, but it can be also with YOU as the mum. I thank God, baby is okay and healing well. You want to know how kids are resilient…..see a baby with burn marks running around and living her best play life 🤣. Her nanny loves her and i saw how much it broke her heart and she was clear on the negligence on her part.” she said. 
“For today, mummies, i’m back! Please share some common accidents that have happened or you’ve heard from other mummies. What first aid did you do and precautions you put in place plus lessons. By the way after 2 classes for first aid, no one had an idea (including myself) of what to do when it happened🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. You forget. Its like Lamaze classes…..who remembers those things when in labour pain and pushing!!! When you see the Vlog, youll understand why this whole story would have ended badly. But We thank and God and We cover our kids in prayer🙏🙏
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  1. This celebrities act nikama wao ndio wako na watoto pekee or y’all bimboos have perfect children hatutaki mehemehe smh.. Perekeeni upuzi huko👉👉👉👉👉

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