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Jay Melody takes the music scene higher with ‘ Wenge’

November 25, 2019 at 19:49
Jay Melody takes the music scene higher with ' Wenge'

Jay Melody is back with a new tune dubbed Wenge. This is a love song that is delivered in the most emotional way. First, it appears that Tanzania has been doing well in the music scene.

Jay Melody is very talented and his lyrical prowess is unmatched. Jay Melody is the young talented Afrikan boy raised in the slams of Tandale kwa Mtogole.

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He has the street hustle spirit in him, commonly known as the singer and composer.  Jay Melody has made it is easy for himself in the music industry by being able to portray his street spirit in his music.

Jay Melody takes the music scene higher with ' Wenge'

Jay Melody hits back with a love song

In Wenge he talks of a love that has driven him crazy. He goes ahead to seek forgiveness as he is hurting from the girl leaving.

In addition, the singer asks the lady to go back to their love so that he can stop hurting. Mapenzi yaniuma roho. It is evident that things are not easy.

One thing to note with the song is that Jay Melody has infested emotions in the song making it sweeter. With this, one is drawn close to the lyrics.

Some of the lines by Jay Melody will ven leave one shedding tears as he is truly begging. In addition, one might end up thinking that this is something happening in real life.

Despite the fact that Wenge seems like a sad love song, it has been well delivered and it is easy to connect with. The video on its own is one great thing.  First, when you look at the scene, it was shot in Tanzania and it is so beautiful.

The theme is well catered for and the costumes are in line with the message. Wenge is a very simple song but with a very strong message.

In conclusion, Jay Melody treated Wenge’s sound with outermost respect. The audio and the beats are well-mastered.




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