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Jerry Ogallo brings Amileena back on ‘Amua’

October 15, 2019 at 11:52
Jerry Ogallo brings Amileena back on 'Amua'

Jerry Ogallo is back with a new jam dubbed Amua. In this jam the artiste has featured one of the best talent in the coastal region Amileena. Amileena has been off the music scene and nothing about her music plans are known.

Jerry Ogallo has done a great job to bring her on board for this project Amua. The song has a great feel as the voices of Jerry and Amileena compliment each other. They should do more of this.

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On Amua Jerry and Amileena have done a great job than one would expect. The Kaa Nami hit maker is really trying to take the industry up as he is super talented.

Him releasing Amua at a time when Kenyan music industry is collapsing is a sure bet for him as he is already taking the space.

Jerry Ogallo brings Amileena back on 'Amua'

What is the message in Amua?

The duo has adopted the old tune in this Amua song. This is something that makes it super unique. Amua is simply talking about what people should decide and do the right thing.

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There is something about this song that captures one’s attention, Amua kuwa mtu mzima.

Wacha Kero mtoto wa mama; Hadi lini utatukera sisi?  There is somewhere where Amileena mentions a famous line hii dunia kuna watu na viatu.  This is taking us back to the old days when music was music.

To add on, Jerry Ogallo is up to the use of Swahili sayings as you realize there is these coastal feel in the song. Also, Amua is slow making it easy to swing as the jam plays.

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In addition, Jerry Ogallo and Amileena really have taken us back to the old tunes of Amileena and the likes of Nyota Ndogo.

In conclusion, the song has won as most people will be singing the chorus after listening once. Jerry Ogallo and Amileena get a rating of 6/10 for Amua

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