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Jimmy Gait drops new single ‘Corona’ (Video)

March 16, 2020 at 12:52
Jimmy Gait drops new single 'Corona'

Award-winning gospel singer James Ngaita Ngigi, better known as Jimmy Gait and famed for songs such as; Kanisa, Ole, Huratete, Muhadhara and Makekes is back with a new track.

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The song titled Corona talks about the infectious disease that has people across the world scared stiff with more than 5,000 deaths reported.

Jimmy Gait

In the song, the gospel singer says how one of one his friends who is living abroad called him and informed him that her husband had died after contracting the deadly virus.

He goes on to say that people across the world will get through this difficult moment if they have faith in God, adding that things will be well.

Gait goes on to say to explain how you can prevent yourself from contracting Corona and that is; washing your hands with soap, not touching your face and covering your mouth when you are coughing.

Jimmy Gait

Although this song is opportunistic, I love the message that it carries, people need to know what they should do now that the first case of the virus was recently confirmed in the country. The beat is decent and so is the video.

Watch Corona below and tell us what you think.




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