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“Joho even contributed towards their wedding” Why Dennis Okari is to be blamed for introducing Betty Kyallo to Joho

September 10, 2018 at 08:05
"Joho even contributed towards their wedding" Why Dennis Okari is to be blamed for introducing Betty Kyallo to Joho

Apparently Betty Kyallo’s affair with Hassan Joho started while she was still married to Dennis Okari and not after their breakup – this explains why her marriage only lasted for 6 months.

The Nairobian newspaper revealed finer detail of Betty’s relationship with Joho after a little bird indiscreetly spilled the beans to them.

Joho met Betty through Dennis Okari, the two journalists were still dating when she was introduced to the governor by her then boyfriend.

The Nairobian reports that Okari and Joho were so close, the governor often gave him PR jobs for his businesses which saw Okari head to the Coast regularly.

“Dennis would be working in a different town in Mombasa leaving Joho with Betty. Dennis did not know what was going on, and the relationship blossomed. Joho even contributed towards their wedding,” a source told Nairobian.

Porsche Cayenne, source of conflict
Joho’s Porsche Cayenne parked at Standard Group headquarters off Mombasa Road

Joho’s Porsche Cayenne parked at Standard Group headquarters off Mombasa Road

Betty and Okari clashed after the former KTN anchor drove home in a new Porsche Cayenne which Joho had given her. Okari demanded to how and where she got the expensive German machine and Betty finally owned up that it was Joho’s.

She left her matrimonial home and moved into a lavish home in Kilimani which Joho had secured for her. The source told Nairobian that Betty didn’t even bother to pack her belongings when she moved out.









  1. There is no one to blame,Betty just showed her true hoe colors

    • You must be a virgin if you calling betty a ho. What’s the problem if she wants to sleep around? I fucking love sleeping with different partners. You guys must be boring with a stick up your bums and nothing to do. If I get Betty, kiki, jane or your sis, ill still do them. Get my drift nga?

    • Adultery has no repentance in marriage Betty ulifanya iliokasifiwa na mungu adhabu yake ni mauti know that you’re just walking corpse repent and live a celibacy life

  2. I hate Joho for this!

  3. Kama mtu ni mtaro ni mtaro tu

  4. Why are we being told about all this now?
    What are we supposed to do with this info?
    They all moved on

  5. The Governor is responsible for the breakup of the marriage.Unaezaje kupeana gari kwa Bibi ya mtu?

  6. Is Joho married? So how would he have made Betty the 1st lady. It is not even interesting to you to talk about the wife. Now being a 1st lady of Mombasa is so important that every journalist should fall for? I know this is part of fertile imagination of an amateur reporter.

  7. Betty ni bure kabisa.malipo ni hapa duniani.denis,dont worry God is with our dear bro. Soon she and he joho they will harvest

  8. Stop this witchhurting she has a family

  9. Ukimaryy mkamba kuwa tayari kuchapiwa.

  10. I Don’t Concur with ur Comment not all Kamba Ladys are weak to dish out their Godies. Ni maumbile na Tamaa ya Mtu Binafsi & This applys to Every other Persons. I rest my Case.

  11. Betty is a disgrace to the women fraternity, she has failed other women journalists, poor morals and lack of ethics..

  12. Kenyans u r hates ,I know many men would love to have a lady like Betty because she is so pretty but they can afford her that is why they r comments negatively about her

  13. What the hell , mpanda farasi wawili hupasuka msamba,tamaa kamuua fisi hahaaa shit ,uzuri wa mkakazi ndani kipande ya mti .joho u deserve castration n u B kyallo ubr a disgrace creature how can u do that. Style up n respect marriages nkts

  14. I do,not think talking all this is helping any of the two for Betty it’s hell but take heart Betty there is forgiveness kwa mungu and change some pointing fingers are worse I feel for u, I put your shoe and it is devastating pole mtoto wetu

  15. Take heart Betty not everything is entirely your fault, your beauty has some fault in all this

  16. Who are we to judge?
    Leave everything to God. He understands our motives.

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