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Joyce Maina reveals why she prefers Tony Kwalanda to all her other exes (Video)

April 08, 2021 at 13:03
Joyce Maina reveals why she prefers Tony Kwalanda to all her other exes (Video)

Switch TV’s presenter Joyce Maina was recently making headlines after breaking up with fiancé, Tony Kwalanda. According to Joyce, they had to part ways following a few personal reasons; and for some reason – things did not end so well.

The Tony Kwalanda lovebirds step out in matching outfits

The two have however been maintaining their silence on the break up; and so far we understand that Mr Tony Kwalanda may have moved on with a 23 year old.

Not quite sure whether she is the new lady in his life but judging from the photos shared on his birthday; we might as well assume that these two are more than friends.

Joyce Maina appreciates Tony Kwalanda

Anyway although the relationship did not work out as planned; Joyce recently went on to appreciate ex, Kwalanda for being the best ex she has ever had.

Speaking during a recent show on Switch TV, Joyce revealed she shared a heathy relationship with Kwalanda saying;

Switch TV journalist Kwalanda Tony proposes to Joyce Maina

“I don’t miss the toxic relationships, the breaking up and making up was so exhausting that’s why being with Tony was such a relief because the relationships before that we would break up and I get blocked, I would wake up and think what’s going to happen next and I hated that. Being in a healthy relationship was nice.”

On the same note, Joyce went on to express some concern with Kwalanda still hanging on to their old photos; which he is yet to delete from his IG page. She said,

  I used to post my man but I will never do so again. He (Kwalanda) still has our pictures online and I do not know why.




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