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Jua Cali’s new jam ‘Maswali Kibao’ getting mad love (Video)

August 16, 2019 at 16:12
Jua Cali's new jam 'Maswali Kibao' getting mad love (Video)

Genge music trailblazer Paul Julius Nunda, alias Jua Cali, is back with another jam and we are really feeling it.

Dubbed Maswali Kibao, which loosely translates to many questions, the new song is all about how people always want to know more about other people like it really matters.

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For instance, people want to know what car you drive, when you will get married, why you spell your name in a certain way, how you deal with stress, where you club, whether you comprehend English etc.

According to the veteran Kenyan musician, it’s all pointless since the information won’t really change the lives of the people who keep asking the questions. Face-palm!

Jua Cali

Jua Cali

I’m not saying that Maswali Kibao is flat. I, however, feel that you have to be an ardent fan of Jua Cali to see the ingenuity behind it. It’s just what it is.

In my opinion, it sounds pretty much like the hundreds of songs that he has released before and it would take someone with a good taste in music, like yours truly, to appreciate it.

I loved the simplicity of the video, it’s just a collection of short videos of his friends and fans jamming to the song.

The jam is the 6th official Single off his 4th upcoming album dubbed Mali Ya Umma and to be honest, after listening to this, I can’t wait to see what more Jua Cali has in store for his fans.

Listen to Maswali Kibao below and tell us what you think.




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