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Juliani Explains Qualities Of Lillian Ng’ang’a That Made Him Fall In Love With Her (Video)

September 17, 2021 at 12:54
Juliani Explains Qualities Of Lillian Ng'ang'a That Made Him Fall In Love With Her (Video)

Love is indeed a beautiful thing. Even though not everyone is always lucky to meet the love of their life, it’s always believed that there’s someone for everyone; at least that’s what lovebirds teach us. For Kenyan artist Juliani, meeting Governor Alfred Mutua’s ex-wife Lillian Ng’ang’a was a blessing.

Juliani Discloses He Met His New Bae Lillian Ng'ang'a Months Before Going Public - The Sauce

Juliani and Lillian Ng’ang’a-Google

They made their perpetual love known to the public a few weeks ago; shortly after Lillian Ng’ang’a separated with governor Alfred Mutua. Juliani was however, scolded by Kenyans on twitter for ‘snatching’ the governor’s wife.

On the other hand, Alfred Mutua maintained that their separation was amicably done and was a mutual one. They had a lot together, including businesses which they had started together. In their statement, they confirmed that they were still good friends and would still keep in touch.

Alfred Mutua Confirms Relationship with Wife Ended Amicably: "We Were a Happy Power Couple" ▷

Lillian Nganga and ex-hubby Alfred Mutua-Google

Anyway, Juliani had met Lillian even before she separated with her ex-hubby. According to the 37 year old musical artist, Ng’ang’a has a good personality and a focused mind. In an interview with Standard, he claims that these are among the qualities that made him fall for her;

”I met her like early June ama mid-June. Kama mwanaume sikulala darasani. Nashukuru Mungu. Si complain sana. Mafans wajipange. I haven’t seen many women like that. Clarity of mind, clarity of purpose, the kind of things she values… Anajiheshimu.”

Even though Juliani has been receiving d***h threats for loving Lillian, it’s now evident that they’re deeply in love with each other and there’s no stopping them.




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