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Julie Gichuru goes back to her Indian roots

January 18, 2018 at 16:02
Julie Gichuru goes back to her Indian roots

Julie Gichuru is born of two ethnically diverse parents. The former Citizen TV anchor is now trying to embrace her father’s Indian culture.

Julie Gichuru was born 44 years ago to a Kikuyu mother and an Indian father. Her father’s family is originally from Kashmir and migrated to Kenya in the early 1900s to work on the railway line being built by the British.

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Indian slay queen

Julie has been seen multiple times rocking Indian attire and she is slaying. The mother of five looks like she is in her early 20s in the Indian clothes she as been dressing.

Take a look at the photos below:









  1. Kudos

  2. Meghan The 3rd : January 18, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    these local muhindis are hot, including varshita.

  3. mmmh varshita aka super model

  4. How old is she again?

  5. Damn! she is more than beautiful

  6. I like your way with words,she is absolutely slaying

  7. Moto kama pasi ya makaa,many 20 year olds can’t come close

  8. My role model…slaying it..

  9. She is beautiful..very pretty to b precise

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