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Juma Jux reaction to Vanessa Mdee confirms he never moved on from her

September 09, 2021 at 11:02
Juma Jux reaction to Vanessa Mdee confirms he never moved on from her

Tanzanian Singer Juma Jux is broken hearted; and still cannot believe that the woman he once thought completed him is now another man’s husband. Actually in his case, I bet this is called Karma.

Well a while back before Vanessa Mdee moved on with Hollywood actor Rotimi; she had been in a relationship with Juma Jux – who for some reason May have felt like Prince Charming.

I mean, with all the money running in his family, swag, American height and women throwing themselves at him; I bet his ego was off the roof.

Rumor has it that before the break up, there was a lot of drama revolving around infidelity; and disrespect directed at Mdee. And yes, Juma somehow confirmed this after he quickly unveiled a new Asian woman; barely 3 months after his breakup with Ms Mdee.

Juma Jux dismisses breakup rumors with Asian girlfriend


Well time heals everything and after the nasty breakup, we all know how Vanessa Mdee’s life upgraded in terms of peace of mind; and yes, she bagged a good man (so we think) and now a baby is about to added in the equation.

Juma Jux gets Vanessa Mdee’s look alike for his new video

With the pregnancy news shared all over – for some reason Juma Jux has dropped a new song believed to be dedicated to Ms Mdee; clearly it is – that is looking at the cover image.

In the song he talks about losing a good woman, his regrets; and goes on to wish the lady a happy life. Not quite sure whether this is a clout chasing move or a sincere heartfelt apology at last?




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