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“Just DjMo her” Zero chills as Betty Bayo’s shares blunt advice to men who have wronged their spouses

October 29, 2020 at 17:35
"Just DjMo her" Zero chills as Betty Bayo's shares blunt advice to men who have wronged their spouses

Betty Bayo has lately been sharing word of advice to married and divorced couples using her social media pages. Although Akothee had exhausted this category of life; gospel singer Betty Bayo has come with a new angel of helping broken or almost broken marriages.

So far we have seen the singer urge Size 8 not to leave DJ Mo just because he cheated on her. According to Betty Bayo, cheating is no longer considered a good reason of leaving a marriage; and to our surprise Size 8 actually never left.

Betty Bayo

The ‘gospel’ couple marked their 7th wedding anniversary just recently; leaving kamati ya roho chafu asking what happened as they expected Size 8 to walk out on the cheating DJ. But again, this was good as it has taught many to mind their business when it comes to matters of the heart.

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Betty to all men

Away from this, Ms Betty is back with a new post directed to all men. As seen on her post, Betty has gone ahead to address men who think or know they wronged their wives.

The singer went on to remind these men that women adjust to something really fast; and just because a man may have cheated – chances are that this wife will take him back. She wrote;

Bayo with former husband, Pastor Kanyari


with all due respect .

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If you have wronged your rib and you know ulimhurt sana until she walk away … if you know you still love her . Just DjMo her dont take too long to apologize.. nowadays women adjust very quickly .si unaona ata corona tushazoea .that woman who is crying for u today and begging you wont do that forever one day she will wake up and move on…..dont follow her when it’s too late . Some can’t wait for the coming of christ and still wait for you …dont allow her to know apart from youtube movies Kuna Netflix.. dont allow pride to make you loose your family .go for her now that she is waiting for you..dont say I dint tell you …..

#enjoying Netflix.

This could be true – can she speak for herself and not generalize all women? Isn’t Kanyari still living as a bachelor after she walked out on him?




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