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“Just don’t sell them!” Kibera man who enjoys eating cockroaches excites Kenyans(video)

July 18, 2019 at 09:33
"Just don't sell them!" Kibera man who enjoys eating cockroaches excites Kenyans(video)

A man from Kibera is currently on the tending lisRts following a recent report that he enjoys feasting on cockroaches.

Geoffrey Lugai confessed to NTV during an interview that he enjoys eating the insects that mostly scare many people. He confessed that he has been eating the roaches four years now.

“They have proteins and that’s why I enjoy them,” he said in the interview.

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The video has left Kenyans with mixed reactions as some laughed him off while others begged him not to sell the roaches to people.

Given the direction Kenya is headed, where everything seems poisonous, perhaps cockroaches don’t sound so bad after all.

Steve Waiganjo There’s no hope for humanity in Kenya..

Muroki Kathy As long as he is eating alone and not selling to other,let him enjoy.

Josephine Obinda NTV manufacturing news! Meeting targets in a silly way, No news no Job! You get your buddy and come up with a story, then call that news! Lubish!

Drixel Sincher Just go on YouTube and type the word roach farming.
From toothpaste to medicine to cosmetics, we all consume these little guys

Monic Miano Nothing is safe in my dear mother land not even crawling insects now I wonder what 🦎will be eating if human beings are eating it’s catch☹️☹️big dude competing with small animals🦎but as long as he’s enjoying himself then 🦎watajisort.I wonder How many roaches he needs to consume before he gets full

Watch the video below:


Geoffery aliye na miaka 43 amekula mende kwa muda sasa. Hivi ndivyo anavyowanasa.#MkenyaMlaMende #NTVJioni

Posted by NTV Kenya on 2019 m. liepos 17 d., trečiadienis





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