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Just like Huddah another local socialite planning to spend millions to remove the scar on her face

April 07, 2017 at 13:35
Juddie Jay

Those who believe that being popular aka a socialite does not pay then I will ask them to take a sit and watch the likes of Huddah and the rest blow millions on surgery just to improve their appearance.

Well, Juddie Jay has now joined the circle as she is planning to get a facial surgery to get rid of the big scar on her face. She once revealed that her self esteem went down the moment people started calling her ‘scar face’ which she got after ‘a night went wrong’ as she revealed.

The fact that even her friends started calling her ‘ugly’ forced the lady to write a long post talking self love and how she was going to change all that. she wrote to say,

Anyway this morning she announced that she will be getting a facial surgery soon and after this she plans to hold a big party to unveil her new look. She wrote to say,

Juddie Jay

Juddie Jay

Juddie Jay

Juddie Jay




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