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Jux featured by Nedy Music in his new jam ‘Kinomanoma’

September 03, 2019 at 16:49
Jux featured by Nedy Music in his new jam 'Kinomanoma'

Jux has been featured by Nedy Music in his new jam Kinomanoma. Said Seif alias known as Nedy Music, is a singer and songwriter of Afropop, Zouk and Bongo Flava music from Tanzania. He is known for his single Usiende Mbali. Nedy was nominated on Afrima Awards in 2018 and won on a category of African Fans favorite.

Jux featured by Nedy Music in his new jam 'Kinomanoma'

Jux on the other hand is know for his poetic style of music. Also he has done a lot of projects which have done so well out here. His lyrical prowess is something am sure no artists will get close to him.

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Jux and Nedy Music perform Kinomanoma in a way that will capture your attention. I must say that their voices complete each other. What a good collaboration here.

Jux featured by Nedy Music in his new jam 'Kinomanoma'

What is the message in ‘Kinomanoma’?

To start with, Kinomanoma is more of a love song. A dude is smitten by some woman. This shows that the lady is pretty that she captures the dudes attention.  Also, looking at the video you can already tell what this is about.

Lets look at some of the line like; Toto lanichapa mijeledi Amenifumba macho nyuma sirudii Kwenye wimbo wangu ye ndo melody Kwenye kifungo chake mimi nimeridhi. Firstly, in this line she is the melody. How true this is I don’t know.
Secondly, there is this stanza that makes me think the song also touches on sex; Nampaga rungu tamu nampolea Bila maji mazito deki naendelea Akipapasa nyundo mi nagongelea Eyaaa, eeh. I let you be the judge on this one.
In addition to the lyrics, the duo has done a good job. Nedy Music and Jux have proved that they can do more together.

Jux featured by Nedy Music in his new jam 'Kinomanoma'

In conclusion, the video is super good. The vixens clearly outline the theme of the song and it feels good. Kinomanoma by Nedy Music and Jux gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to the video.

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