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K2ga talks of love in new jam Hawataki

February 17, 2020 at 12:17
K2ga talks of love in new jam Hawataki

K2ga is back with a great banger all about love dubbed Hawataki. The Tanzanian singer hits back just at the right time during the love month.

Also, there is something sweet about this jam. It talks of love and how people are not happy. It is a good song as it talks about the actual human being. First, it is relevant because it also portrays the societal picture.

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To start with, this music video was shot in Dubai. K2ga sought a destination where the majority of people travel to globally to show love.

K2ga talks of love in new jam Hawataki

I am going to overlook everything else and focus on the Hawataki video. To start with, K2ga did a great thing in delivering this video. It shows the extent to which people go to make great music.

To add on, there is so much to gain from the video as it is in sync with the wordings in the song. Also, it delivers the message of love as expected. I am sure most of you will fall for this.

Hawataki is a song talking to lovers on defending their love

The vixens have delivered well and it is just a great tune. K2ga needs to be doing more of these lovey-dovey things.

All said ad done, it is time we get to feel and understand the message in this new hit Hawataki.

“Usijutie moyo wako Ju mi ndo chaguo Nakupenda nakujali Amini beiby oooh,” reads stanza one.

Also, K2ga talks to the girl and asks her not to blame herself as he is in love with her. He also asks her to believe that he loves her.

K2ga talks of love in new jam Hawataki

Hawataki is that tune that lovers should embrace and fight those objecting their love.

“Unaposikia mabaya yangu sema Kwamba nakucheat, sikupendi  Nina wanawake wengi sana Mmmh ooh sana, oooh ooh,” K2ga adds in stanza 2.

Where is the lie in the above stanza? Isn’t this what the majority of haters do? In conclusion, Hawataki by K2ga gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.




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