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Kahush has chosen the one profession in which he can set himself apart

June 30, 2020 at 20:19
Kahush has chosen the one profession in which he can set himself apart

When it was revealed that rapper Kahush was the son of Mutai Kagwe, Kenya’s Secretary of Health, it blew Kenyans’ collective mind. How could such a senior figure in Kenya’s government have a son who was pursuing the arts?

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The way our society is run, we do not usually see senior members of our society agree to allow their offspring to participate in professionals and callings that aren’t deemed prestigious.

Kahush' daddy

Kenya’s Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe

Kahush, however, seems to have learnt from the likes of Camp Mulla, a group that was made up of Karun, KusMa, Taio Tripper and Shappaman that he can have a go and a successful one at that when it comes to exploring entertainment.

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Kahush would also have done something that comes straight from the 48 Laws of Power: “Avoid stepping into a great man’s shoes”. And this would allow him to carve his own lane and be remembered as a great man/ artist in his own right.

kahush' father

You can imagine that if Kahush had attempted almost any other career, the shadow of his father would have loomed and many a question raised on whether he got to where he is at by his own merit.

But now that he is a rapper, it isn’t like his father can buy acceptance for him or influence the audience to like his music. And given that Mutai Kagwe is so far removed from the world of entertainment, any win he can claw for himself is seen as entirely his own achievement. No one can cast aspersions on the fat that say, if he won a BET Award, it was the work of his sweat, blood and tear.

And that perhaps shows a deeper level of brilliance from the young lad. He knows that he needed to make his own bones. All we can do at this point is wish Kahush the best and hope that he puts the effort into studying and improving his craft so he can indeed show the world that he can stand on his own two feet.


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