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Kama ako na toothpick pia useme! Fans gear for Cashy’s diss after announcing she’s now ready to expose Khaligraph Jones 

February 08, 2019 at 08:16
Kama ako na toothpick pia useme! Fans gear for Cashy's diss after announcing she's now ready to expose Khaligraph Jones 

Once flying high lovebirds Khaligraph Jones and fellow rapper Cashy are now gearing for a serious battle on the mic following their ugly break up.

The two broke up last year in a rather unexpected fashion just months after Kenyans fell in love with them over their hit record “Mica Sucasa”. They didn’t reveal the reason for their break up as both chose to stay away from the controversy.

Ready to talk

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Cashy has now come out to share that she’s ready to reveal why she had to leave Jones, hinting that he might have been abusing her physically and emotionally.

“| AHEM.. | ? .Happy 2019 Fam!! ?
I would like to touch on a few topics, on this post and the next few coming up. Sensitive topics that a lot of you have sent me questions about over the past year. There have been rumours, guesses, random stories here and there, most of which are terribly untrue, and some just plain hilarious,” She posted on social media.

The rapper is planning a comeback after almost a year of silence and she’s planning to use the confession as bait. Her new song will be released on Feb 12. She has been hyping fans on social media about the song getting them excited.

“I’ve seen some of them, still I remained generally untriggered, you know, because the Zen life chose me ? If you know Cashy, then you know that huwa sina haraka na life, I compete with absolutely no-one and I move at whichever pace feels alright with me, regardless.
I took the time I needed to grow and free myself of a certain past that I can now openly share,” she said. 


I’ll talk about how and why I seemingly ‘stopped’ doing music, (and yaani I can really rap btw ??), I’ll be real about why I CHOSE TO LEAVE a certain relationship, I’ll discuss physical abuse, financial manipulation, emotional abuse, slander and threats on my life + wellbeing…etc.

I’ll talk about what I’ve seen as a woman in a certain place with certain people. Not because I have to, but because it is VERY IMPORTANT to do so, especially in the kind of society and world we live in now. Nitakuwa mtrue sana na hizo zote.

I’ll also talk about my legit wins!!?
si ati nini ama nini ?
I’m seriously excited, AND FREE!!! Through everything, I am eternally grateful to my family, and friends (old x new) for being beyond supportive.
My son, Xo, for being my purpose..♡
And GOD, for granting me SUPERNATURAL GRACE, STRENGTH AND FAVOR, all in overflow ayeee!With that said, Allow me to reintroduce myself, NAITWA CASHY.????”



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