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Kambua is back with a new song dubbed Njoo

April 24, 2019 at 17:28
Kambua is back with a new song dubbed Njoo

Kambua is back with a new song titled Njoo. Njoo means come. The Queen of gospel music is calling us back to God. It is a good thing that the gospel industry is being revived. Njoo is a song that calls every believer to get back to their 1st love- the love of Christ. There’s grace for, and in every situation.  The audio was done by Teddy B.

Kambua insists that the preaching will go on in buses, on social media accounts and through songs. She has released the song after she got a new role at Royal media services. She will be hosting Rauka Sunday morning show after former host Enid Moraa made a quit. Kambua has proved that she is still in the industry even with the controversies about her.

The audio is so clear and well thought of. The choice of words are so encouraging and this is not just singing but the emotions bring the mood of the song Njoo. The quality of the video is also good and attractive. This is a great talent here. Also the church background in the video brings out the  theme of the song. Kenyan production is really improving and this song just affirms to that.

This song shows a resilient Kambua who is not going to give up on the gospel. In the first verse; “Nyimbo nyingi nimeimba lakini hamkuskia, nitaziimba tena. Kwa mtandao nimeandika lakini hamkusoma, nitaandika tena. Kwa basi mmehubiriwa, kwa soko mmehubiriwa, mtatuona tena. Tuliambiwa ni kelele. Tunakatiza sherehe, mtatatuona tena aah.”  Isn’t this what we do? This verse simply talks of the rejection faced by those preaching the word of God.

“Njoo oh ooh anakuita tena tena. Njoo ooh ooh ooh anakuita tena tena tena. Tena tena, tena.” There repetition in the chorus which emphasizes on the title of the song Njoo.

Kambua is a great artist and I hope that she will be releasing more song. I give the song a rating of 9/10.


Below is a link to the video.





  1. Kambua is back with a new song dubbed Njoo - Kenyan Digest : April 24, 2019 at 6:31 pm

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  2. Peter Gatimu : April 24, 2019 at 7:36 pm

    She tried. I can rate her at 8/10

  3. This song is ever powerful I love it

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