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Kamene Goro massively loses to Huddah Monroe in online battle

July 04, 2019 at 10:48
Kamene Goro massively loses to Huddah Monroe in online battle

Kamene Goro has stepped on Huddah´s toes and we now know no peace on social media.

The beef between the two is not about to cool down having been at logger heads for some pretty good time now.


Down memory lane, it all began in March 2019 after Huddah´s ¨FungaDukaChallenge¨ that went viral.

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This was in a bid to ´teach´ men a lesson for always running around with any lady that comes their way, yet they´ve left a woman at home who´ll always be loyal.

However, after some time, curvy Kamene Goro decided to chip in on the same but this time, firing shots at the petite socialite.

According to the radio personality, Huddah was basically misguiding women while she had already reaped fruits from selling her pudesh.

So while I was away, I hear there was something called Funga Duka’ that began,

so Huddah Monroe has decided to go on a nationwide campaign telling ladies to close their shops to the boy child.

Huddah is going to tell you that, that is her business.

This babe has bought a car, house, built an enterprise from her shop(duka), now she is the one going to tell you that, the campaign is called what?

Huddah? That’s who you guys are listening to?

Cat fight

Well, the two are now blasting each other after Kamene alluded that Huddah has apparently amassed wealth yet she is a school drop-out.

Therefore, her conclusion is that Huddah is still making money with her pudesh.

A girl with standard three English has an apartment in Kileleshwa… what are you selling apart from k*****?

What do you think she is, a lawyer?

Who is the Boss Chick to get pocked a second time and sit tight like she´s got no feelings?

She struck back at Kamene like lightning after calling her a ´peasant´ who she has no time for because she is busy ruling her Queendom.

This has gone too far and the two are definitely lighting up the Internet, igniting mixed reactions from netizens.

Masses believe that the two have more of personal issues to deal with reminiscing fact that none is any better than the other after both got tagged the name ´h**´.

According to Kenyans, Kamene´s history with men is pretty overwhelming with an endless list of men in her life line.

Unfortunately, fans have taken it all to another level now comparing who is better than who in this game.


Question gets raised:

And fans reply:

Kamene is the whole package, brains kiasi plus playing ground bigger.


Can’t compare Safaricom’Huddah’ and telcom’kamene’


.Huddahs body is fire..still, a thot though 2.Kamene has swallowed a mattress?


Msupa ni Huddah buda


Kamene Goro should be going after the likes of akina Vera Sidika.

Going after Huddah is a suicide mission cause tuko nyuma yake kama mfuko ya jeans


Lakini women are their own worst enemies…

Kamene Goro once said she has slept with 27 men but is here dissing Huddah Monroe about her coins… can yall accept healthy competition


The difference between Kameme Goro and Huddah Monroe is like day and night


Who is Kamene Goro or Kumeme Guro??? Whatever your name is. Please keep off Huddah Monroe. You aint even 10% of her beauty.


Maybe Kamene Goro is going after Huddah because she knows huddah offers better products than hers, how else would you explain huddah getting a house in kileleshwa and her being dumped over whatsApp!


Huddah rolls like a boss

She has completely invested in herself

Meanwhile there are bitches and boss bitches

And Monroe issa Boss Bitch

We all know that

Unfortunately, someone missed the point that you should never start a fight you can´t win and there will always be a loser and a winner.

It is definite that Huddah carries the day over Kamene Goro.

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  2. If I had to line-up dumbest chicks in Kenya it would be:
    1. Akothee IQ48.98
    2. Vera Sidika IQ52.64
    3. Kamene Goro IQ61.12
    Kamene should have borrowed from her hubby Kibe the king of trolls.

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