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Kamene Goro reveals why she has zero respect for Willy Pozee

July 29, 2019 at 10:35
Kamene Goro reveals why she has zero respect for Willy Pozee

Outspoken radio presenter Kamene Goro is not one to mess with. In fact we now understand that the lady doesn’t filter what comes out of her mouth and this time around it’s about Willy Paul.

Just recently she opened up about her first encounter with Willy Pozee that left her disliking the controversial gospel singer. She said this while speaking on Xtian Dela’s vlog.

Apparently Willy Paul was really disrespectful towards her when she first met him. For this reason, Kamene now says that she can’t find it in her heart to show him any respect.

Do you know I have a major problem with him and I know people really wonder why I disrespect him? My first encounter with him was terrible, he was very disrespectful and that’s why I’m like you guys I have no respect for that guy anymore

Kamene Goro’s blasts Huddah

A few weeks ago Kamene Goro went on to bash Huddah as she claimed that she makes pudesh coins.

Not that it’s any of her business but seems like Kamene just wanted to put it out there for young ladies to understand that money doesn’t come that easily.





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