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Kanyari’s ex wife unveils her second born’s face for the first time (Photos)

November 13, 2017 at 10:31
Betty Bayo

Controversial Pastor Kanyari’s marriage fell apart a few years ago after he was exposed for being a fraud. His ex wife, Betty Bayo walked out of their marriage and went on to add that she was never married to the fella.

A few months after their ‘divorce’ Betty Bayo announced that she was expecting her second child. This left many speculating as to whether the baby was Pastor Kanyari’s.

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The pastor however came out to deny being responsible for the pregnancy. Kanyari went on to make it public that his ex wife had moved on way before announcing her divorce with the man of God.

The singer then threw her baby at the Well of Worship Centre in Massachusetts, USA. After pulling this move, most of her fans were convinced that she was definitely involved with a white man.

Her son

Unlike what many thought, Betty Bayo’s son is not Caucasian. He is a handsome African boy with a little swag judging from his hair do.

His mother introduced him on her Instagram page for the first time where she shared his photos and wrote saying:

“First time on instagram ..big up son …much love,”

Betty Bayo's children

Betty Bayo’s children

All grown up! Betty Bayo’s son






  1. They grow too fast

  2. What a handsome child

  3. Okay

  4. Kwani Kanyari ishad from the jicho pevu expose

  5. Charlene Muliro : November 13, 2017 at 12:07 pm

    Her music career took a break

  6. Nice one

  7. Cute boy

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