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Karen Nyamu teaches side chicks to never disrespect the Mrs

March 03, 2021 at 14:18
Karen Nyamu teaches side chicks to never disrespect the Mrs

Karen Nyamu is a great lesson for all side chicks and clandestine lovers in Kenya who have gotten into the habit of disrespecting the wives of the men they are involved with.

Samidoh’s failure: Karen Nyamu is what you get when your husband is weak

But the blame doesn’t go to just one party, the husbands or should I say the men involved in the entanglements with their own Karen Nyamus because they are the ones who allow the disrespect their wives are showered with to go on unchecked.

Karen Nyamu

City lawyer and politician Karen Nyamu’s colorful baby bump shoot

Perhaps this is some perverse way of them showing how they really feel about their wives but by proxy. This might be why someone like Samidoh would remain silent as his wife, Edday Nderitu, was harangued and hounded by Karen Nyamu.

“Where would I hide my face” Media personality Ciru Muiruri weighs in on the Karen Nyamu and Samidoh scandal

Why else would Miss Nyamu think she would be immune to any disciplinary measures on the part of Samidoh? The Mugithi singer however pulled a fast one on her when he finally had enough of all the disrespect and he decided to stand fast with his wife, openly declaring that his relationship with Karen was a mistake.

Samidoh, Edday Nderitu

Samidoh with his wife, Edday

It made me wonder why Karen Nyamu and other women who find themselves in their position often think they can disrespect their partners’ spouses. The conventional wisdom informs these ladies that men never leave their spouses. Perhaps it is down to some perverse loyalty. Sometimes it is down to the sunken cost fallacy. But whatever the case may be, the fact that these men never leave their wives is proven by the fact that alot of men self-report having engaged in extra-marital affairs but most divorces are initiated by women. Some eighty per cent to be exact.

Amerukwa! “I never left my wife of 11 years for another woman” Samidoh denies relationship with Karen Nyamu

So why would Karen Nyamu think she could force her way into the Samidoh household by disrespecting her possible co-wife? Was it due to promises made to her while they were having pillow talk? Was it down to the fact she had gleaned that her man didn’t really have love for his wife?

Samidoh, Edday Nderitu

Samidoh with his wife and two kids

Whatever the case may be, it often ends, as Nairobi people say, in premium tears. Why not just acquiesce to becoming a second wife? And being that means respecting every member of your new household. Sure Karen Nyamu was obviously the apple of Samidoh’s eye but respecting Edday would have in the very least, pacified a potential competitor.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s first wife tear each other up on social media

All-in-all, there are no real winners here. Edday Nderitu has not been given the chance to hide her shame from the public glare. Karen Nyamu is seen a home-wrecker. And Samidoh is exposed as a weak man and leader. Add to this potent mix the fact that their children will grow up to see all this mess and you can see why this is a family in complete shambles.

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