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Katambe by Gwaash,Retro Mars, Young & K4kanali

April 08, 2019 at 14:02
Katambe by Gwaash,Retro Mars, Young & K4kanali

The trio is back but now withK4kanali on board for the new jam Katambe. Katambe is a sheng’ word. The song has a simple meaning which can only be understood mostly by the young generation. Katambe means; “let’s keep it going”.

The group has a unique way on how they do their songs.The production it is so simple. Although it saves on cost, I feel like the crew should have used multiple locations for the video. Now we are forced to see the crew crowded at the same area throughout the video. Also the costumes are in line with the ghetto language being used. Katambe dancing style suits the song. This is because the songs setting is that of a club, yani dundaing. There is excessive repetition in the song which brings out the title “Katambe” clearly. Imagery is also used to spice up song.

Looking at their dancing style, I would say it is vulgar. The way the ladies are twerking is good and only fun to those aged between 18-24 years. It is a good thing to enjoy life when we can. As they say “vunja mifupa kabla meno haijatoka”. I’snt this what the young crew is doing?

There are some verses in the song that i keep on replaying; Njugu tatu na khat, nangoja kitu ikam, ataturn over haswa, wairimu, wanja, Frida, nakemba huyu haswa mapacha mbili kwa lungs, wa wairimu chang’aa mabuda mbwese Dakar.
This just makes me laugh, this is a typical Kenyan thing where a man gets hold of two ladies. I just love this verse, he only needs khat and peanuts..

“walisema sisi ndio mwangaza, tunga’aa acha katambe katambe, sana songe yangu imejipin nadai kutoa low key, cheki yule pale pale” ; The words though, hidden meaning is evident unless one is conversant with sheng’.

Although there are some verses that I like, I still would not listen to this song outside a club. It is only entertain in that kind of setting. As much as we say promote Kenyan Music, I don’t think I would play this on a local radio station. The new kind of rap needs to be improved.

Generally looking at the performance of the song I give it a rating of 4/10

Below is a link to the video





  1. Peter Gatimu : April 8, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    This one needs to be played on a Friday night at the club. When a dude is holding two chics! Katambe!

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