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Kenyan athlete leaves many questioning whether she bleached her face & forgot to do the same on her hands

November 10, 2017 at 08:00
Kenyan athlete leaves many questioning whether she bleached her face & forgot to do the same on her hands

Kenyan athlete Jemima Sumgong is not a new name to many. The lady is an award winning sport woman who has made Kenyans proud in Olympics.

She will however not be competing for the next 4 coming years. This is after she tested positive for Erythropoietin (EPO) a substance or rather a hormone produced by the kidney.

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Erythropoietin is not authorized by Olympics since it is used to promote the formation of red blood cells by the bone marrow also known as doping!

Sumgong’s latest struggle

Away from her career, there are new photos indicating Jemima Sumgong has been bleaching. This is after a few of her new photos emerged online looking lighter on the face but her hands told a different story.

So is she bleaching?

We cannot be too sure about this but chances are 98%. She now looks like the female version of Khaligraph Jones who succeeded in bleaching his face but never got his hands to cooperate.

Below are a few photos of Sumsong’s confusing skintone. Do you think she is using skin lightening products?

Kenyan athlete Jemima Sumsong

Kenyan athlete Jemima Sumsong

Is the lady bleaching her face?

Notice the difference?





  1. Watcheni wivu! She made us all 40 million of us jump and happy even if it was for a minute. ..give the girl a break

  2. Someone should talk to her

  3. Maybe it’s coz of sun

  4. Lightening of skin is becoming a problem but I think she’s not doing it

  5. I think it’s a light issue when the photos were taken

  6. Sorry Sumgong,,we know its not your fault..yu had to go through trestment right?

  7. We should learn to appreciate the way we were born.If God could asking someone if he wants to be mzungu or African I could proudly choose to be an African. Love dark skins.

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