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Kenyan gospel artist speaks on his unflinching support for gay rights [Interview]

September 12, 2019 at 10:14
Kenyan gospel artist speaks on his unflinching support for gay rights [Interview]

Kenya’s upcoming gospel artist, MCK Official has stirred controversy after coming out to voice his support for the ‘illegal’ LGBT groups in Kenya.

The musician has publicly addressed gay rights also lending his support to the currently marginalized community within the Kenyan borders.

In an exclusive interview with creative producer, Xtian Dela via his You Tube channel, MCK Official opened up on his motivation for the diehard support he is giving the LGBT community.

The controversial artiste explains having settled on his decision to support gay rights, with motivation from his gay friend’s horrible experiences in Kenya.

According to MCK Official, it is quite hypocritical for Christians to claim their love for each other, yet fail to embrace homosexuals.

Adding that there are times when homosexuals are even chased from churches. His next move is this:

This is a conversation that needs to be highlighted. If people don’t do. If it has to start from me then, I will do it. Because personally I have a lot of gay and lesbian friends.

Furthermore, the singer points out that there are a couple of good gay people out here who have been forced to live a lie. This is by marrying women and having families for fear of speaking out and getting harassed.

His message is people should stop discriminating the LGBT people. Question lingering in our minds is; Is MCK Official gay too?

Because basing on his series of Instagram posts, he is sure raising questions among Kenyans.


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