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Kenyans attack Zari after giving relationship advice: You have 5 kids from different fathers and you talk about condoms?

May 14, 2018 at 08:42
Kenyans attack Zari after giving relationship advice: You have 5 kids from different fathers and you talk about condoms?

Ugandan sensation Zari Hassan has seen all kind of relationships dramas. From domestic violence, being cheated on and finally being dumped, the sexy socialite and mother of five has a story to share.

Kenyans however hated her side of the story after she shared some relationship advice in an interview on Citizen TV.

Zari asked Kenyans always to use a condom if they have to cheat, a thing that annoyed some.

Keep your advice to yourself

Zari on Citizen TV

On Citizen TV’s Facebook page, Kenyans complained that the mother of five was misleading people with her advice and should focus on getting her life together first before trying to advise other people.

“For the guys, if you have to cheat; condomise it! There is STIs and HIV/ AIDS. Don’t put your family/ partner in jeopardy,” said Zari in the interview. 

Here’s what Kenyans said:

Martin Kariuki ItaI can’t take advice from this arrogant lady with fake accent ‘n she’s Tanzanian’ about cheating yet she has a school of 5 kids with different hyenas…….
Brian Kr this woman is overrated….she should keep those advice to herself….your life is just a mess my friend ?????ata kama uko na pesa
Bonny OmmaniYoungsters drink from your on cistern, otherwise its troubling on how Ringtone could live in shadows of two men who have sired children while the lady thrives on limelight, has moaned a lot for loosing both the dead & living hubbies.
Biki Arap RongoeYou have five kids from different fathers and here your telling us to condomise cheating,you are preaching water and drinking wine.hypocrisy at its best.
Martin MuiruriWait, cheat but condomise? I guess Diamond wasnt condomising.. What of the five kids that are not Diamond’s? I bet she just learnt what condoms are used for.. ???
Ron Esh She can’t take her own advice. 5 kids all different dads. Hmmm they have names for people like that
Vincent Ochieng Zari is right, very right. You guys spewing insults at her how many ladies have you screwed!??? Are you sure the man you call your father is really your biological father??? ????. Are you sure of your HIV status!??? Reflect on your life first. How many children have you fathered outside wedlock!???? Deadbeat fathers.
Kezy Kazina Kezy The fact remains that she has said it so whenever you are going to cheat on your partner you will remember her words ‘condomise’ please …why such hate .Zari is a strong woman, a definition of beauty with brains ,your insults doesn’t give her sleepless nights.
Serena Akinyi Hahaha zari you make my night hahaha really? I thought you are in Kenya as investor as in Kenya they need more investor can you open a factory of condom in Kenya ?





  1. All these guys who can’t condomise ndo wanahasira wakiambiwa ukweli….Babe hope umempata zari vyema juu mimi sitakuacha nitakata iyo D**k nikupee ukule

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