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Kenyans on social media take up #thewailingwallchallenge after Raila’s visit to Jerusalem

May 12, 2017 at 14:06
Kenyans on social media take up #thewailingwallchallenge after Raila's visit to Jerusalem

No offence but Kenyans on social media might need to change their supplier if they happen to be smoking ‘something.’ They simply have no chills and this was once again proven when they decided to take up the #thewailingwallchallenge.


This comes after they decided to come up with their own photo’s copying Raila Odinga photo that was taken during his recent trip to Jerusalem where he is seen praying facing the Wailing Wall in the holy land.

Kenyans on social media joined by Dennis Okari shared similar like photos making fun of the NASA flag bearer just for giggles online. Some of the photos have left many cracked up from how creative Kenyans on social media can be.

Anyway this is not the first time they are doing this as they have engaged in a couple challenge including president Uhuru’s favorite shirt challenge. Checkout the new photos below.




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