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Super hot shoe queen Sonal Maherali launches own luxury line in Nairobi

July 09, 2019 at 11:50
Super hot shoe queen Sonal Maherali launches own luxury line in Nairobi

Luxury Vlogger and seasoned fashionista Sonal Maherali has launched her luxury line ending weeks of anticipation amongst her fans.
The award-winning Vlogger who has been aptly baptised “The Louboutin Queen” from East Africa has been teasing the launch of the first of its kind in Africa luxury line.

Her first collection is a line of superior quality tee-shirts which borrow inspiration from her rich African heritage.

Sonal Maherali

Sonal Maherali

“Africans love clothing. They love style. Actually, style began in Africa thousands of years ago. No other people have the flamboyance, style, finesse and elegance of the Africans. And I want to tap into that and bring the vibrance and vivaciousness to life with these special Afro-themed designs” she said after the launch.

In consecutive posts following the launch, the fashionista mother of four explained that she would be launching a shoe and bag collection next, etching her name on the fashion hall of fame.

She joins a long exhalted list of world-renown fashionistas who have ventured into the fashion business to complement their Youtube fame.

Her luxury line which is shipping wordwide is open and has already processed orders if her post is anything to go by.
“We are live and online globally! We are super excited to start serving you! Already receiving so many orders! We love you! Thank you ♥♥♥ • worldwide shipping,” wrote Sonal.

It looks like there is not stopping for this former accountant and certified hustler.

Only last year, the mother of four was feted by legendary shoe-maker Christian Louboutin with a rare, specially made Trash Pigalle shoe.

In a letter that she shared on her social media pages, the soft-spoken Sonal shared how Mr Louboutin reffered to her as the “Queen of Spades” after gifting her the shoe.

Before that, she had done a Youtube video in which she showed off her two special collection Birkin Bags from Hermes estimated to have cost around KSh 3.2 million.

And long before that, she had shown off a closet tour riddled with hundreds of special shoes from the likes of Christian Louboutin, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint, Sophia Webster, Jimmy Choo among others.

Go girl!




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