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Keroche Breweries distributors condemn anti-multinational restrictive trade practices

December 23, 2019 at 09:53
Keroche Breweries distributors condemn anti-multinational restrictive trade practices

We wish to alert Kenyans on the notice posted in today’s dailies by our multinational competitor East African Breweries Ltd. The notice announces an alleged injunction obtained by EABL stopping Keroche Breweries from using the international Euro bottles that are used to package our Summit Lager, KB Lager and Viena Ice. This defies belief.

The Euro bottle does not belong to anyone. It is a universal bottle. The brown beer bottles are not available to any beer manufacturer to patent or pretend to trademark. We are going to court to challenge EABL for engraving the mark EABL on a bottle they do own. Secondly we are suing EABL for trying to destroy local business through this restrictive trade practice.

The notice is further evidence of attempts by EABL to restore a monopoly in Kenya’s brewing industry.

EABL and Diageo, their foreign owner should realise the era of monopolies is over in Kenya. They can do this in other African countries. We will not allow them to do it in Kenya. This is our country. Putting the EABL mark on a brown Euro bottle can only be done in a country where people don’t know their rights. You cannot put your mark on a bottle you did not create and do not own. The brown Euro bottles EABL and Keroche are using existed before the two companies were even created.

We are asking the government of Kenya not to fall into this obvious trap. This notice is meant to use the police to harass our customer who are bar owners so they are scared into not buying Keroche Breweries beers during this festive season. The intention is to give EABL a market they have lost to Keroche Breweries through our hard work. This is shameful and cannot be allowed. We will fight this.

The timing is highly suspicious. It is Christmas and this is the high season for alcohol purchase. Kenyans should note that the EABL notice posted today states that the order was obtained in 2017. Why release it 2 years later?

As distributors we are clearly aware that this is to slow down or stop Keroche’s Breweries latest brand “KB Lager” which has become the most popular lager in the market. Instead of competing with its superior appeal to Kenyans, they would rather stop the company from bottling it.

As Keroche Breweries Distributors Association, our members have made huge orders of KB Lager and Summit Lager to service the huge demand for these popular brands during the Christmas holiday season.

We know what you did to anyone who attempted to challenge your monopoly. You destroyed them using your money, your influence over the legal system and government officials.

We are asking all our members, and millions of Kenyans who consume our beers to take a firm stand against this evil scheme to use the backdoor to fight a local company.

EABL has never not shied away from using their dominant position to stifle fair competition and drive out competitors unfairly.

Stand with Keroche and stand with us local business people. Prove Kenyans cannot be easily shaken. Kenya ni yetu.

Have a Merry Christmas. Please don’t drink and drive.




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