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Kforce teams up with Mr. Ke4 for “My Ninjas”, don’t miss this jam

May 11, 2019 at 10:38
Kforce teams up with Mr. Ke4 for "My Ninjas", don't miss this jam

Kforce has teamed up with Mr. Ke4 for his new jam My Ninjas.This a collaborative project from their record label Nambanane Skyline. The duo has done some good work in this jam. My Ninjas was directed by Johnson Kyalo and produced by Yangpbeatz. It also brought in the inclusion of Calvo Mistari’s work. My Ninjas in this song is meant to mean friends.


The production team did a great job. The video is of international standards and the audio is great too. The beats are well thought of. For the lovers of rap music Kforce and Mr.Ke4 have greatly thought of you. The video was shot in Kenya. The costume was well thought off. Though I feel like the duo could have given the song more energy. Johnson Kyalo did a good job on the video, It has a cinematic feel. The choice of vixens for me is dissappointing. Were they necessary?


The lyrics are great and you know Kforce does a good job. Lets look at some of the verses that have captured my attention; First the punchline, It’s just me and my ninjas,  it is where the title of the song lies. When he says it is just me and my Ninjas it means that it is him and his friends. Repetition has been used and it has emphazed more on what the song is talking about.

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There is flow in this lyrics  and they just got meaning. “Too many friendemies, i pray for em like i pray for my enemies.”  He says he will intercede for his friends just like he does to his enemies, this is good because it shows that no hatred.

Although the Kforce has taken long to release a jam, this is some good work and he needs to put more energy. I give it a rating of 6/10.


To watch the video click on the link below.

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